Monday, June 27, 2016

"Thunderheads", 14x11"

This summer, I've been trying to get myself out there and paint "en plein air" about once a week. I have a small group of intrepid artist friends who enjoy throwing all their gear into their cars, then strapping it on their backs and hiking around until we find just the right spot.  "Thunderheads" was going quite nicely until we were pelted by hail in an open field.

"The Marsh", 7x5" oil on canvas

"The Marsh" was painted from a rickety bridge which hovered over snapping turtles.  I decided to forgo any art supplies that fell into the water that day.

"The Pond at Horizon Farms", 7x5"

Life and limb were not in jeopardy for this little study, but I thought I'd share it because it shows my equipment and my method of first completing a little black and white sketch before I dive in with paint.  You can see it above the painting in this photo.  These sketches help me map out what I want to accomplish in my painting.  I may decide to create a larger painting of my plein air piece when I get home, or I may just leave well enough alone.

We remain undaunted, and shall continue to paint outdoors, come what may.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

"The Cottage Garden", 8 x 10"

Last weekend I painted with some friends at the Barrington Country Garden Faire, benefitting the Hands of Hope.  There were so many little scenes to paint, we could stay there for weeks and paint our little hearts out.

I will donate the proceeds from the sale of this painting to the Hands of Hope, benefitting women and children in Africa.  Please drop me a line if you are interested.

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