Monday, April 2, 2012

"Carnaval", 8x6"

Hello Friends,

For the last three days, I had the great fortune to take a workshop from Dawn Emerson, a master pastelist and all-around wonderful teacher. I dove head-first into brand new media (pastel, guache, gesso, sumi ink) and new approaches to painting. I'm going to try my best to apply what I've learned in my oil painting. 

My favorite pieces from the workshop were my figures in motion, and I think I'll be exploring this theme some more in the future. The full color piece above was done with pastel over an intense wash of super black sumi ink. 

This black, white and gray piece was started with a wash of black ink, then gray and white pastel and charcoal. For the final step, I took a thin wash of gesso to give the impression of motion.

I hope that you enjoy this new direction for my art. We'll see if I apply it to my work. I'll certainly give it a try!


  1. A beautiful gesture painting. You have captured the motion indeed. Your instructor sounds marvelous. I'm going to check out her website. Thank you.

  2. Ann, I have only just begun to follow your work and I can immediatly see you are excited about your new direction. It is obvious you have touched on something amazing! I am excited for you! Both the black and white and color versions hold their own. I find the colored one holds it energy contained, with a hint of release, while the black and white is full of energy being released. Truely inspiring!

  3. Absolutely love the movement in this !!!