Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Conclave, 8x6"

Well, a Conclave is a gathering of Cardinals, so I thought perhaps that would describe this one pretty well! These brilliant birds continue to flock to my branches and I feel compelled to capture them in paint.

For purchase information, please click on Ann Feldman Conclave. Thank you!


  1. This is perfect, and I love everything about it, Ann.

  2. Saw it, want it , bought it!
    More later..Jo

  3. What a beautiful little painting. And lucky you to have a conclave!

  4. You are in the zone. Look at the art of Hunt Slonem.
    The series work. Just keep going , PLEASE.
    It's never the art we make, it's the art impaired people that ain't
    gettin their money out. Geezee!
    We ain't tying to kill their latte budgets.
    Latte is short, Art is long.
    Had to say it.