Thursday, June 18, 2015

"Framed Rendezvous" 30"x40" And Thoughts on Going Big

I've become seriously addicted to Pinterest this year.  One of the things I like looking at the most on this site is photos of artists in their studios.  It struck me that so many of the artists were working LARGE, and I started to think, "well, why not?".  I managed to wedge a few gigantic stretched canvases from the Dick Blick art supplies store into my car, and I was off!

"Framed Rendezvous" is the second painting I completed during this phase.  It's really not more difficult to paint large, it just requires more of a commitment.  Lots of time and lots of paint are required.  Beyond that, it's not any different than painting smaller.  The biggest benefit of a larger scale is that it makes much more impact on the viewer, just because it's taking up so much more space.  Add some red to it, and it pretty much shouts "Hey look at me!".

This painting is in Saugatuck at the Button Petter Gallery.

 William de Kooning

 Jenny Saville

Michelle Doll


  1. i love looking at artists in their studios too, Ann. maybe it's a comraderie sort of thing, who knows. Pinterest has some good ones. I LOVE this large painting you've done, it is full of energy and your enthusiasm for switching up your format in a larger work. great.

  2. Yeah I also love looking at such cute artworks. They are a great inspiration to me. Actually I am also an artist and do oil paintings. I am thinking to display some of my unique paintings in a contest that will be organized next month and looking for event venues in Florida for the same purpose. I will invite all of you once things are finalized!!