Sunday, November 1, 2015

"Les Mandarins", 9x12", Painting in a Secret Garden

Les Mandarins, 9x12"

During our first few days in Limoux, we would stroll by huge cement walls that lined the sidewalk near the river.  Our hosts told us that there were some incredibly beautiful gardens behind those walls, and what a pity it was that we would never see what treasures were there.

And then our fortune changed!  A neighbor couple befriended us one day as we were painting the river behind their house.  They invited us to come to their home a few days hence to paint their garden.  From the elated look on our host's face, this was indeed going to be a rare treat.

Painting "Les Mandarines" in the secret garden

The view from our neighbor's window

 Winding paths led from one garden treat to another

Persimmons weighed down the branches of this tree

How fortunate we were that our neighbors opened their door to us.  We were able to see (and paint!) a secret part of Limoux that very few get to see.


  1. Great design and strong colors - I especially love the way you painted the leaves. I am enjoying your trip very much. The photos are wonderful.

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