Saturday, December 12, 2015

"Autumn in Giverny", 16x20", oil on linen

"Autumn in Giverny", 16x20", oil on linen
At the Petter Gallery, Saugatuck, Michigan
(269) 857-2230

I'm continuing to work from my references from France.  I knew when I saw this scene in Monet's garden that it had many elements which would make it recognizable as Giverny: the lily pads, the little pink and green building, and the purple/pink reflections in the water.  The leaves had just started to turn and to begin dropping into the water like colorful little jewels.  I enjoyed painting this piece so much-- I hope you enjoy it too!


  1. Ann, I love your work, first saw the video on Youtube and then explored from there. I realised that this was the style I have been looking for, for some time. Do you paint just in oils or do you use acrylics as well? Is there anywhere you know of where I could learn to paint like this, or is it just a matter of doing it as you paint the apples in the video? John

    1. Hi John, I'm so glad to know that my paintings are resonating with you. When I was starting out, I enjoyed getting together with other artists in a class for inspiration and guidance. You could try continuing education classes through a local college, an art league, or a private art school/studio. You could also use other artists' work for inspiration by copying their work to figure out their process, then painting similar paintings on your own. I primarily use oil because it can be changed and manipulated far longer than acrylics can, but that's a personal choice. Best of luck to you John!

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