Thursday, September 15, 2016

"Summer Windowsill", 9x12"

There's still quite a lot of activity in my garden during these early days of fall, but the light is slanting lower which is my reminder that these days are numbered and fleeting.  I roam about with shears in hand, ready to harvest the most colorful remaining blooms.

I'm on my way to Taos, New Mexico to study with Carolyn Anderson.  A few years back, I took a workshop with her in New Harmony, and she changed the way I see and paint forever.  I felt like it was time for a refresher course, so off I go!  I will share with you new insights and approaches to painting which she shares with us next week.

For purchase information, please click on Ann Feldman Windowsill.


  1. 'Summer Windowsill, Churchladies, Thunderheads, A Slice of Life, The Gathering' - I have visited your art site many times.

    One of the most difficult challenges an artist with your talent confronts is - what is my 'signature look.

    Kinkaide painted everything ... but the market choose his village landscapes over his seascapes.

    So I urge you to just keep painting and rest assured ... the market will tell you ... what it wants.

    Success is just around the corner ... as long as you keep painting. Kudos.

  2. (I remember when you took her workshop and you did two wonderful portraits like Andersons. You have the eye and hand to do anything you want. I will look forward to hearing all about it.

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