Tuesday, April 4, 2017

"Fairy Dance", 24x12"

"Fairy Dance", oil on gesso board, 24x12"

You might not believe this but I actually stumbled upon this very scene last summer!  John and I were poking around the shops in Telluride and came outside to see this little group of fairies putting on a performance for their parents in a tiny park.  I couldn't have posed them any better if I had tried.  I loved the way the sunshine lit up their wings.

So often, fairies are idealized in paintings to represent the most beautiful and graceful creatures that we can imagine.  Another reason this scene grabbed my heart was the coltish awkwardness and innocence of the scene.  These fairies were dancing with abandon for those who love them best.  

And what artist could resist painting a scene like that?


  1. Hello! I love your delightful painting. Would it be possible to ask permission to use it to help promote my Fairy Dance class in northern California this spring? Your picture sums up the energy and spirit of my class for 5-7 year olds. :-)
    I am at dance@shoshannaland.com. Thank you for your consideration!