Thursday, August 9, 2018

New Work at the Hildt Gallery

"Waiters Waiting"
Oil on Board, 12x9"

I captured this moment at the Cafe du Monde in New Orleans one hot steamy morning.  The guy on the far left is looking at his cell phone; isn't that a new classic pose?  Everyone else in the scene could have been lifted from just about any time period in history.  Chatting or leaning back to catch a few winks.  This piece was painted with a palette knife, and I used a brush to touch up the smaller details. The paint is very thick, and took about a month to dry.

Oil on Board,  14x11"

One sunny morning in Greece, I glimpsed this family group out for breakfast next to the sea.  Once again, I was struck by their classic poses. The girl with her back to us could be on a cell phone (naturally), or she could be buttering her scone, who knows?  Grandmother holds the baby to give his mother a moment of peace, while Grandfather is in full vacation mode, relaxing with his coffee.  I decided to take out their surroundings almost completely, to allow the family dynamic to take the stage.  I hope you get the feeling of sunshine and relaxation even so.

If you're interested in either of these paintings, please give my friend Jeremy Hildt a call at his gallery  in the Drake Hotel, Chicago.  (312) 255-0005.

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