Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Move Is Complete

Denver Squall At Sunset

Dear Friends, we have finally landed for good in Denver, and our move is complete!  One of my first orders of business here was to find a good place to paint, and I'm happy to report that I have found one.  It's such a fantastic concept, I have to share it with you.  It's called the Art Gym, and no, we don't have to do pushups as we paint (thank goodness), it's a membership in a wonderful shared studio space.  Why aren't there more of these in the world?  It's about 20 minutes from home, which is a huge commute compared to the walk upstairs that I used to do.  But when you live in a two bedroom city apartment, you have to make some changes!

Monochrome, New Harmony, 9x12"

My first project in my new space is to take a monochrome sketch that I painted on site in New Harmony in the spring and make it into a finished painting.  I'll use this sketch as a reference as I'm painting the new one.  This was done quickly using Burnt Umber on a gesso board.

On a new gesso board, I started the new painting.  This one is rougher; I'm just finding the shapes and values that I established in the sketch.  No use putting in details now, because I'll just paint over them later.

New Painting Start

I added the color right on top of my monochrome painting.  All my values were figured out for me, so I had fun playing with the color notes. I'll continue to develop this painting and I'll share the steps with you along the way, so please stay tuned!

Thanks so much for staying with me during this long moving phase.  I appreciate your support more than you know!


  1. Thanks for the neat demo. I always love seeing WIP.
    I ALSO LOVE DENVER! I lived there for 7 years and made some great friends. Do they still have the Art Students League? Marvelous for life drawing. Anyway, Ann, I know you will be a perfect fit for Denver and I want you to know I find your floral series of paintings, exceptional.

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