Monday, November 21, 2011

Toastie, 6x6" (Sold)

This week's challenge for Daily Paintworks is to paint your toaster.  Easier said than done.  Every time I'd get my setup together, someone would sneak up to my studio and steal it to toast something downstairs!  I hadn't realized 'til now that this appliance was so vital to our daily living around here.  I'll never take you for granted again, Toastie!

To bid on this painting, please click on Ann Feldman Toastie.


  1. Great reflections, and what a unique toaster. I've never seen one shaped like that. Seems made for this painting.

  2. Lovely tonal painting...... very funny how it went missing all the time :-)))

  3. Ann, I thought I had commented on this a few days ago, and I'm not sure what happened. It's a wonderful painting with gorgeous color and brushwork.