Monday, June 30, 2014

"Homecoming", 12x9", And Artists Beware the Latest Scam

Well, I nearly fell for the latest scam out there, and I wanted to warn my artist friends about it.  I was contacted by a very nice "woman" named "Mary Collins" who wanted to buy three of my small pieces from me.  She loved my art!  Couldn't wait to see it on her wall!  Could I tell her my inspiration for each of these pieces?  I was happily reeled in for awhile, loving her compliments and enthusiasm for my work (what artist can't resist that?).  Then things got interesting.

"Mary" was in the process of moving to a new home.  And she was attending her sister's wedding, so she had her husband's private assistant make out a check to me.  When it arrived, it was a whopping $1,200 more than I had asked.  She told me that her husband's PA made a "terrible mistake", so could I please send the difference to her along with the paintings?  CUE THE ALARM BELLS!

I sprinted to my computer and looked up ART SCAMS.  Sure enough, these people are able to produce very authentic looking checks that get deposited into your bank account.  Your bank accepts the check at first, and puts the money in your account.  In the meantime, you cut a check back to the crooks.  Five days later, the bank finds out it's a phony and deducts the amount from your account, leaving you high and dry.

The only thing I lost was 15 minutes of my time, describing my paintings.  Not too bad.  If you're reading this "Mary", better start packing.  The authorities are on their way!

And now for something a bit more pleasant:  "Homecoming" is a scene from Nantucket, and it is in the East End Gallery in Nantucket.  I will not let the crooks get me down!!!


  1. Beautiful painting. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Glad you didn't get scammed! An artist friend of mine lost $1000 this way about 4 years ago. Homecoming is lovely.

  3. Sad that this happens so often. You were smart to check!