Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Isabella Stewart Gardner Courtyard", 10x8" And the Evolution of A Painting

The highlight of a visit to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston is the central courtyard.  She designed the walls surrounding the courtyard based on the architecture of Venice, and when the sun filters down through the tree branches and rests on the priceless statues that are scattered about, the feeling can be quite transcendent!

I knew I wanted to paint a scene from this courtyard, but cameras are strictly forbidden everywhere in the museum-- only pencils and paper are allowed.  Good thing I never leave home without my trusty sketchbook.

When I arrived home, I went right to work.  I didn't want to forget the colors that I had committed  to memory.

My first "go" looked a bit lifeless, so I took a clean brush and destroyed it a bit to lose some edges and put a feeling of energy into it.

I calmed it down and adjusted the color.  I'm not sure that it's a perfect replica, but it is what remained in my imagination.

For purchase information, please click on Ann Feldman Gardner Courtyard.

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