Thursday, September 10, 2015

"Blue Bowl in Sunlight", 36x48"

The last half of the summer, I put my head down and got to work, getting an inventory of paintings ready for the J. Petter Gallery in Saugatuck (formerly the Button Petter Gallery).  If you are in the Midwest, and you're looking for a great destination in the fall, I recommend making the drive up to Saugatuck.  The leaves will be beautiful, the shops are great, and when you arrive at the gallery, you can have a wine tasting!  Wine and art-- what could be a better combination?

This piece is one of my largest, at 3 feet by 4.  I'm so happy to have a gallery which believes in my work and is willing to promote it!

And look who stopped by the gallery to see my work-- the Stanley Cup!  Any Chicagoan knows that now that Oprah has moved away, our biggest celebrity is Stanley.  It was so wonderful to have this visit, even though he seemed somewhat unmoved by my work...


  1. how special that Stanley could make it to your show! My son-in-law would be uber impressed. BUT, I'd be impressed to see your work. this piece and all the florals you've been working on are fabulous.

  2. Hi Ann - love the dynamic viewpoint of this painting. And the blue bowl won my heart as soon as I saw it. FABULOUS!


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