Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Life's a Bowl with Cherries", 6x8"

Well hello there!  It's been quite awhile since I've posted a painting.  My teaching schedule really heated up in September and October, so I've had little time to paint on my own.  I must admit that I love delving into teaching and working with so many talented artists at the studio.

This little painting is a demonstration that I did for a workshop on palette knife painting yesterday. I really love painting with a knife-- it forces me to not sweat the details, let accidents happen, and enjoy the ride!  I also love the way the palette knife adds energy to an otherwise quiet and "still" still life!

This piece was painted on canvas and is mounted on 3/4 inch cradled hardboard.  If you would be interested in purchasing it, please click on Ann Feldman Cherries.


  1. This is certainly an exciting piece,Ann.
    You do wonderful things with a palette knife.

  2. Saw Cathy Enbergs piece and came over to look. Dreamt of going to a workshop last night. Do you ever come to the east coast?

  3. I also came from Cathy. Love the painting. Really like the faintness of the shadow. Of the bottle. Thanks.