Sunday, January 11, 2015

"Abstracted Flowers II", 20x16"

I don't know about other painters, but I often paint many versions of a painting underneath the final layer.  The painting may appear to be spontaneously done, but oftentimes, there are layers of false starts, frustration, and anguish underneath.

I thought it might be amusing to share with you the underlayers of "Abstracted Flowers II".  Here they are:

 This first version is what's underneath it all!  I started with a glass jar, but the overall effect was too "twiggy" and haphazard.

With the next layer, I brought all those twigs together, but went overboard with the darkness.  I started to paint in some white roses, but it was starting to feel too stiff and formal.

When things aren't working, I grab some vivid tubes of paint and pile it on.  I have to smile when I see the difference between my first and final versions.  I'm in love with color, so I should just follow my instincts in the first place.  I'd save a lot of money on paint if I did.


  1. this final version is beautiful Ann. Yes following our instincts is usually the best mantra isn't it. thanks for sharing your frustrated starts and middle dilemma's. It's definatly worth the perseverance

  2. Love the final version. And thank you so much for showing the stages it went through. So glad to know I'm not the only one that goes through this!

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