Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Edge of the Prairie, 8x8" (Sold)

Can you tell that this little painting was created in a downpour?  Last Sunday's Crabtree Forest Paint Out was nearly washed out by rain, but a surprising number of hearty souls braved the weather with good cheer, and it turned out to be a fantastic day.  Dear husband John stuck with me the whole day-- we resembled a couple of whalers from Nantucket in our rain gear!  We trekked way out to the prairie where the adverse weather toned the grass and wildflowers into glowing fall color.  It was worth the trip!

To bid on this painting, please click on Ann Feldman Edge of the Prairie.


  1. You created a beautiful painting, despite the awful downpour. The warm tones of the grass and wildflowers are really gorgeous.

  2. What a lovely painting. Please send some of that rain our way...Texas needs a downpour!

  3. Lovely painting, Ann. Warm, inviting colors and good story about your rainy day adventure. They saved one of the best on the DPW email today.