Monday, September 12, 2011

Thistle Study II, 5x5"

Here is the finished study in color.  While I was outside and in front of my subject, I mixed some of the colors that I was observing and made little swatches of these colors on a toned board.  When I came inside, I had my swatches, my three value study, and a photo or two to guide me. Taking the monochrome study from my previous post, I layered color on top.  I tried to keep to the lights and darks that I had mapped out, and I adjusted some problem compositional areas as I painted along.

I may decide to use this study to paint an actual painting, but sometimes I like the spontaneity of little studies like this one!

My plein air studies will be on sale this Sunday at the Crabtree Forest Paint Out-- come visit me!  The Preserve is on Palatine Road, near the intersection with Barrington Road.  I'll be there from 11-4.


  1. The color study turned out nice - interesting technique - and thanks for the tutorial, Ann.

  2. I found your challenge painting enchanting... and the color version is beautiful. Nice work, Ann.

  3. Hi Ann, I just re-subscribed. I had not had a painting directly from your blog since Marni...a portrait. I saw paintings after that, but only if they were on DPW.